2017 Tractor Supply Company
Stewardship Report

What does it mean to live sustainably?  There are many definitions of sustainability, but essentially it means living in a way that meets our needs for food, water and shelter without harming our environment or compromising the availability of natural resources for future generations.  For many Tractor Supply customers and team members, living sustainably is not just a concept but a way of life.  It’s growing your own vegetables in the backyard or raising chickens so your family can enjoy fresh eggs every morning.  It’s buying organic feeds for your animals or recycling used oil or batteries.  For others, it’s starting a new hobby like beekeeping so you can produce your own honey.

Like many of our customers and team members, living sustainably is important to Tractor Supply.  Driven by our Mission and Values, we are committed to doing the right thing for our customers and the communities where we live. That’s why we offer an increasing array of products to support sustainable living for our customers.  It’s also why we continued in 2017 to make great strides in our quest to become a more environmentally sustainable company while simultaneously helping our neighbors in need and investing in the youth in our rural communities.