TSC Recycling Efforts Hit New High

When Tractor Supply first launched its Stewardship program, one of its earliest initiatives was to implement a cardboard recycling program. After retrofitting a number of stores with cardboard balers, the program has been expanded to virtually all of the company’s stores and distribution centers, and has become one the company’s most successful Stewardship projects.

From there, the company implemented wood pallet recycling in its stores and distribution centers. Both programs have become integrated into daily operations across the company, and as a result, Tractor Supply has seen significant growth over the past several years in the amount of materials being recycled.

In 2016, Tractor Supply recycled 21,643 tons of cardboard and recycled 3.4 million wood pallets.

Store and Distribution Center teams have been essential to the success of these programs and will undoubtedly help Tractor Supply continue to hit impressive numbers in the months and years ahead.