TSC Flips the Switch on LED Lighting Project

In 2016, Tractor Supply embarked on its biggest stewardship project to date – retrofitting all existing stores with LED lighting. Over the course of the next year, the retrofit would touch thousands of the company’s team members to ensure a smooth process. The project concluded without a hitch, and as of August 2017, all new and existing stores are now outfitted with LED lights.

“This project wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without every team member who pitched in to facilitate the installation of the product at their stores,” said James Masters, Energy Manager. “Kudos to all of our team members. They truly rose to the challenge.”

Team members were responsible for receiving the new lights at their stores and staying with installation crews as they worked overnight to make a seamless switch. They were then responsible for shipping out the old lighting fixtures according to environmental rules and regulations. It was a considerable task to ask of the TSC team on top of their daily responsibilities, but the retrofit’s success is a testament to the priority placed on the Stewardship Program.

With James Masters at the helm, though, it’s little surprise the project was so successful.

“James was key in this project, from the initial proposal and communicating the value it would bring to our company, to coordinating with stores so the installation process could take place without any disruption to daily operations,” said Ben Parrish, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. “He has done a great job, and he continues to identify ways to reduce our energy costs and improve our energy efficiency.”

With the installation of the LED lights, many stores have seen a positive impact both in the store’s appearance and in monthly energy costs. The lighting transition also improves the process team members must use to request repairs to light fixtures, requiring only a repair ticket for a warranty expense.

“The LED retrofit project is really the culmination of the support and efforts of many people and departments throughout Tractor Supply,” James explained. “I anticipate it will be this type of teamwork that will make all future projects this successful.”

As the LED lighting retrofit project comes to an end, James and his team are already working on new projects to reduce energy usage throughout the company.