TSC Energy Manager Lights Up Industry Awards

As companies work toward improving their environmental footprints, specific projects and initiatives often make headlines, both of mainstream publications and trade outlets. What often gets overlooked, though, are the names of the individuals who drive their companies and the energy management industry itself forward.

Within Tractor Supply, James Masters is well-recognized for his efforts leading the company’s Stewardship initiative. And in June of 2017, the industry recognized him as well. Masters was honored as a 2017 Energy Manager Today 50, a distinguished list of 50 vice presidents, directors, energy managers and specialists leading the energy management field.

James was selected for his outstanding work on a number of projects, but most recently on the company’s LED retrofit program, the largest Stewardship project to date.

Energy Manager Today, an industry publication, along with advisers and industry insiders conducted many months of curation, nominations and research to arrive at the list of 50. James and the other honorees, which included representatives from Google, McDonald’s, Whole Foods, Walmart and Microsoft, among others, were formally recognized at the Energy Manager Summit at the Environmental Leader 2017 Conference.

“James has made significant contributions to the company and our Stewardship Program, particularly in the development and implementation of the LED retrofit project,” said Ben Parrish, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. “Energy Manager Today is one of the leading publications in the industry, and we are excited that James has received this recognition, as he has been a key part of our Stewardship Program for a number of years and a major proponent for LED lighting.”

The LED retrofit project was also recognized by Energy Manager Today as a Project of the Year Award winner. Project of the Year Award winners are successful and inspirational projects that companies have implemented to reap significant improvements in energy management. The six winning projects were selected as archetypes for other companies to consider in their mission to improve energy management within their own operations.

In reviewing the LED retrofit project, one judge described it as a “solidly-managed project on a large scale, which is what set it apart from smaller, one-off projects.”

According to another judge, it is an “excellent project providing significant energy savings of 60 percent. The new LED lamps also reduce HVAC usage, which is an added benefit.”

“I am excited and humbled by the recognition that I and the LED retrofit project have received from Energy Manager Today,” James said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of a project of this magnitude that will have a lasting, positive impact on the company and the environment.”

Receiving these awards reinforced for both James Masters and other members of the Stewardship team that the program’s efforts and successes are notable on a larger scale, and will help drive forward future initiatives.