Tractor Supply Goes Organic with Chicken Feed

Sustainable living is at Tractor Supply’s core. It is not enough for the company to implement sustainable practices; it must also offer advice and products that encourage a sustainable lifestyle. During the last five years, the popularity of natural and organic products has grown and customers have become more interested in natural and organic feeds for their animals. Tractor Supply has been a leader in offering these products to its customers.

To supplement its already expansive feed offerings for those with backyard chickens, the company introduced Purina Organic Poultry products in our stores in 2016. Purina is the first nationally-recognized brand to offer organic poultry products in Tractor Supply stores and features four varieties – Purina Organic Starter-Grower, Purina Organic Layer Pellets, Purina Organic Layer Crumbles and Purina Organic Scratch Grains.

In order to qualify as organic, the ingredients and products must be raised and manufactured according to the rules established by the National Organic Program. The organic feeds have no GMOs, no animal by-products, no artificial preservatives and no growth hormones.

The response to this organic offering has been overwhelmingly positive, and is expected to lead to the introduction of many other products that support a sustainable lifestyle.