Recycling Batteries to Power Tomorrow

When old batteries are dumped in a landfill, the components break down and create a toxic concoction that pollutes the soil and groundwater. To offer an eco-friendly alternative and keep in line with the efforts of our Stewardship program, we offer customers a convenient Battery Recycling Program.

To facilitate the program, we partner with a third-party vendor. Our Team Members palletize the old batteries in store, and the vendor’s trucks pick up the old batteries for disposal at an EPA-approved recycling facility. Conveniently, every part of a battery is recyclable, and the raw materials in a single battery can be used indefinitely.

Old batteries can be returned to any of our stores, and there is a financial incentive that comes with recycling. When recycling an old battery, a state-mandated fee is waived from the purchase of a new battery. While the fee varies from state to state, the program ensures customers can save money by recycling.

“The Battery Recycling Program is one of our oldest environmental sustainability programs.” said Ben Parrish, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary and leader of the company’s Stewardship Program. “This is a program that really encourages our customers to join us and be good stewards of the environment. It really does make a big impact.”