Moving Forward with Transportation Efficiency

Transportation is an important part of Tractor Supply’s business operations, so we’re always looking to improve the efficiency of our transportation network, particularly as the company continues to grow. Being more efficient is important, not only from a financial standpoint, but also from an environmental one. Over the last several years, the company has implemented a number of changes that have helped us achieve a higher level of efficiency.

One of the recent changes was a move to a new transportation management system. This new system will support store and distribution center growth projections and position the transportation division for future initiatives, while allowing us better visibility to track and trace shipments. With this more streamlined and user-friendly process, we can reduce inefficiencies and reduce our carbon footprint.

For the past three years, Tractor Supply has been a SmartWay Transport partner. SmartWay Transport is a public-private initiative between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, large and small trucking companies, rail carriers, logistics companies, commercial manufacturers, retailers, and other federal and state agencies. Its purpose is to improve fuel efficiency and the environmental performance (reduction of both greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution) of supply chains. As a SmartWay partner, TSC has a direct link to other organizations and is able to manage its business by using those carriers.

Tractor Supply has also integrated the use of intermodal, or rail, transportation when appropriate, which has taken trucks off the road. Rail is better for the environment primarily because it is much more fuel efficient than trucks.

Improving transportation efficiency is an ongoing focus for Tractor Supply. While our partnerships and systems have been able to significantly reduce diesel fuel consumption and pollution, the company will continue to implement new practices to reduce its environmental impact as it serves customers across the country.