Frankfort DC Creates Another Opportunity to LEED

Stewardship is an important part of Tractor Supply culture, motivating us to operate in an environmentally-friendly way whenever possible. The construction of new buildings as we expand provides us with opportunities to pursue sustainable methods from the outset. The construction of our newest Distribution Center in Frankfort, New York, provides us with one of these opportunities, and when we broke ground on August 9, we set out to add another LEED-certified building to our arsenal.

The 930,500-square foot facility is expected to add more than 350 team members to our Tractor Supply family over the next several years. It is being constructed to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. If awarded, it will be our third building to receive certification, joining our Store Support Center and the Casa Grande, Arizona, Distribution Center.

To receive LEED certification, we must ensure that environmentally-friendly and locally sourced materials have been used in the construction process, and the building maintains energy-efficient operations, responsibly disposes waste, and uses products that are healthier for workers while improving the air quality in and around the facility. These specifications must be met both during construction and throughout the building’s everyday operations.

By operating in an environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient manner, we are able to reduce operating costs, improve the bottom line and provide the best service possible to our customers. The DC will be evaluated by the Council to achieve certification. Moving forward, we plan to design buildings to meet LEED specifications whenever possible.

Since the start of the Stewardship Program in 2008, we have made a commitment to becoming a more sustainable company and to operating in an environmentally-friendly way. Retrofitting stores with new lighting and implementing recycling programs have all improved our sustainable footprint. In 2017 we were able to save 96 million kilowatt hours through energy management systems. Additionally, we converted 540 stores to energy-efficient LED lighting, and recycled 26,833 tons of cardboard.